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My 3 year old daughter, suffered teacher neglect

My name's Lee I'm sorry I know it's mum's,  but I need advice.  Found our my 3 year old daughter is terrified to go school. Bearing in mind she's been going maybe 6-7 weeks. Been told a teach as been taking her by the hand and putting her outside the class room. Because she keeps crying. My girl plus 2 more. I'm going up the school tomorrow, believe me it's gonna go off. But I'll play it smart. ????


  • Hiya Lee, I am disgusted with this teacher! Im a teacher myself and taught nursery age for 12 years and now in the KS2 age range and never ever once have sent any child outside my classroom for any reason let alone a 3 year old being upset so I am utterly disgusted. That lady doesn't deserve to have the privilege of looking after your beautiful daughter! All I can say is do what you feel Is a mother of 2 young children and I took my daughter out of a school because of pure neglect after the 2nd day she started there and she was 3 at the time. I hit the roof. I would ask whats been going on and why she thinks this is acceptable behaviour because its not! Stand your ground though because im sure every excuse will come out. Hope it gets sorted ! 
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