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Will I get paid for the summer holidays?


I wonder if I could
pick some of your brains.....

I work in a school as a teaching assistant, but I’m currently on maternity leave. My school is private so only offers the statutory maternity pay. If I decide to take the full 52 weeks maternity leave my return date would be 23rd July and the school term ends on or around the 18th July so my return date would fall in the summer holidays. I presume I would just return at the start of the term in September but a friend told me that she knows someone in a different school with in a similar situation previously and she had to go back to work before the end of her maternity to qualify to get paid in August. Is this correct or if I simply finish my maternity leave on 23rd July and return for the start of the new school year in September, I will still get paid for the in August as if I had returned to work as usual? 

Many Thanks in advance for your replies 😊
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