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Anyone studying accounting while pregnant/ have children ?

Dear mums, 

I am pregnant with twins and due in May 2021 .I will be 32 this year. Just looking for some opinion or advise about studying accounting. I have a degree non accounting related in 2014. I also have AAT level 2&3 qualified in 2019 but no accounting related work experience. 

I am thinking to study again at university - part time course or even online course, so I can work part time too while looking after 2 children. However, I am not sure if it’s the right decision to go to uni, or shall I just study ACCA ( I prefer ACCA than CIMA) with self funding straight away? OR finish AAT level 4 first and see if I have any luck in finding a part time job ?  Even before covid, it was hard to find a work experience or entry level job in accountancy/ finance, that’s why I came up with a plan of not studying level 4. 

 I know with uni that you can get some papers exemptions of ACCA although will it cost less at the end ?? I’m just thinking what the best route is.  Thank you ! 


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