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Confusing test results?

(A bit of backstory) I'm 17 and 6 days late for my period, I took a pregnancy test yesterday because I didnt know what else to do and I was in a state of panic when I looked at my period tracker. The whole test side turned pink and the control line showed up, but the pink stopped at the control line. I am really confused and really anxious because there was no line, but the whole test side from where the line would be all the way to the control line was faintly pink. I'm scared and confused and really need answers please.


  • Do you have a picture of the test? It sounds like it was an invalid result so I would recommend doing another to be sure. 
  • I agree, sounds like an invalid result to me as well. I would definitely do another test and make sure to follow all the instructions. Sometimes if you don’t lay the test down on a flat surface it can run and cause the results you are describing.
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