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University design student with a few questions for mums

Hi everyone, I am a design student at university and I designing a product for mums(I am not allowed to fully disclose what I'm designing otherwise I would). Would the moderator/s be okay with me asking a few questions - if you dont want to answer certain questions just leave them blank but here the questions are:

Name, age?

How many children?

What age/s?

How often is the kitchen used in a day?

Do you ever use the kitchen as a place more than just for cooking?

How often do you clean the kitchen?

Is the kitchen adapted in anyway to help with your day to day life?

Do the children have set meals on set days/ times??

is cereal eaten in your house?

(if no, no more questions)

Do you stock up on the boxes?

Does everyone eat the same cereal or are multiple different cereals open at once?

How often is it eaten?

How long does it take to finish a packet on average?

 I hope a moderator is okay with this as well as you mums, I appreciate it very much if you take the time to answer.

Thank you so much

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