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Before you know what your having!

How do you know if your having a girl or a boy before your scan tell you 


  • Hey :) I am not sure anyone can help with this but there is only one scientifically proven way and this is to have a Harmony blood test done at 7weeks this is 100% accurate and can only be done privately at the cost of about £400 they also test for any anomaly's and genetic problems in with the cost and its becoming more and more popular. Many of the other ways are old wives tales and the " Feeling " of knowing I personally think can only come if you have had a child already so you have a comparison. One of the myths are that Girls cause sickness much earlier than boys due to the increase in estragon  into your bloodstream.  Hope this is helpfull in some way. x 
  • Hi 
    I was sick three months start, I’m carrying high, I’m eating things like I did with my two older girls and different from my son. The heartbeat has been over 140. I live in New Zealand which we have to wait until we are 20-21 weeks to find out. Which is a pain, cause of the waiting. If u like to write to me, email me [email protected] 

    p.s thank you for writing to me 
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