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Letting kids out to play ?

Just wanted to ask what she other people felt comfortable Letting their kids out to play on their streets with the other kids who live there (outside of the garden)

My son wants to go out and play with the other kids on the street bit I think he's still a bit young but I'm being told I'm being worried about nothing because o libe on a quiet, little street


  • How old is your son? 
  • I started letting my daughter go out when she was about 11 and a half (although she does go to the park round the corner as our street is just all road no paths or grass) but the rule is she keeps her phone on so I can see where she is. I’ll let my youngest who is 7 play on the drive outside but only with her older siblings who are all 11+ x 
  • It depends on your son’s age and maturity. In our local area, teens and tweens play on the streets. A lot of younger kids play with the neighbours in the car park and their garden. If you think he is ready, you can let him go and play. I would set rules/boundaries and explain them to your son etc. you are not allowed to cross this line, run off, go onto the road, be careful who you are talking to. 
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