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Pregnancy after miscarriage help

Hi there.  Looking for some feedback I guess and don’t know where to turn.  My husband and I have had two miscarriages this year. One just shy of 9 weeks pregnant and one at 4.5 weeks. The first one my husband bawled when she said there was no heartbeat at our first ultrasound.   It has been very hard on him. Hard on us.  I recently found out I am pregnant at almost 6 weeks and my numbers are trending greatly.   I kind of wanted to wait to tell him until I have an ultrasound that shows a heartbeat and that I can tell him with positive news.  Is this wrong of me?   Last time I told him I was pregnant he was nervous and scared. Not excited.  And I don’t want to tell him and just see the look of panic on his face. I want the first time he hears it to be nothing but positive happy moment   Thank you for reading and any advice 


  • Just curious about how things have worked out since then? Especially since I had my youngest after a miscarriage so I know it can work out! Hoping and praying for all of you! Please let me know!
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