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*Motherhood and the Cost of Living Crisis Research: Call for Research Participants*

Hello everyone,

I am an academic in the School of Social Science at Liverpool Hope University conducting research on mothers' experiences of the cost of living crisis.

As the cost of living crisis is affecting families up and down the country (and is set to worsen), I want to understand how mothers’ are experiencing this period. I am particularly interested in exploring mothers’ everyday lived realities, their attitudes toward the crisis, and their ideas on what the future may hold.

I am therefore looking for mothers with children to take part in 3 interviews over the course of 12 months. The research will be undertaken across this period to gain a deeper insight into how families cope as the crisis intensifies.

If you are interested in participating in the project or would like to hear more about the research, please email me at I have also attached a poster with further information below.

Don’t worry, participation simply means that I will chat to you about your experiences, thoughts and feelings and record that chat. I will brief you completely before I interview you and will record your consent. I have ethical approval from Liverpool Hope University.

Thanks very much!

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