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Maybe someone can help...

So my story is kinda long but bear with me please because I have so many questions.
I took birth control pills for 3 years and last year, in October I decided to stop taking them because I was feeling nauseous and my liver was in pain.
Of course I didn't have normal menstruation after this, but from 14 to 20 of February I had my last period. 
Since then I haven't bleed not once, and I'm really concerned. 
The thing is, I still have the symptoms related to the period (pain in my uterus and ovaries, back pains, breast pains, mood switches etc) but I also notice that my belly has grown a little... I'm in a pretty bad place right now, unemployed, living with my family ( I'm 22) and I can't really bring this topic around them. To be fair I can't even get myself a pregnancy test or a gynecologist appointment because that will require me to tell them that I need money, which is not easy....
So I really really need help and I really don't know what to do... if it turns out I'm gonna have a baby I can't imagine what it's going to happen...
Can someone help me...? I'm disparate..


  • I would like to give you my support. Unfortunately, I need to go to the doctor, try to borrow money from friends. What if you have a cyst? 
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