c section

I also had back to back and she was stuck after 2 and half hours of pushing by which time i was physically and mentally exhausted (having been in labour for 24hr before, and left in hosp overnight on own as they sent partner home, also had not eaten either) and was so relieved when they offered the c section I could have kissed the doctor (if he wasn't actually causing more pain with the examination!). I recovered really well (partner was great), was signed off in no time. Would have a c section in the future, rather than go through a similar labour again, it can't have been good for baby either.
The only downsides were not being able to drive for a few weeks and baby was full of mucus at first as it was not expelled as would be with vaginal birth, so she thought she was full, as all in stomach, so didn't feed properly for a day or two


  • Does yours sometimes feel like a dull ache behind the scar as mine does now and again??? Its just over 4 months now so would have thought the main healing was over but maybe the nerves knitting back could explain it. Can you please tell me what your odd sensations are like as I was getting concerned but hate my Dr's so was trying to avoid going esp as it probably wouldn't be there when i have an appt!
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