home or hospital?

I had my first 2 in hospital, with my first I was induced, strapped to a moniter and couldn't move about and ended up with 8 painfull stitches. But my second as totally different I spent hours in the hospital birthing pool and it was bliss I got out for the birth and needed no stitches after. With my third I planned a hospital birth as my local hospital was 13 miles away and I felt safer in hospital and I didn't want to travel if any problems occured but Chloe came with such speed with so little pain that she was born at home in my bedroom. The midwife sorted us out and it would've been wonderful except that Chloe's temp dropped to 34.9 and she was rushed to scbu and put in a "hotcot" and on antibiotics for 48 hours but that would've happened anyway if we had made it to hospital.
So you need to be where you feel most at ease whether thats home or hospital only you can decide that but either way a birthing pool is the way to spend your labour.
If I were to have any more babies I'd opt for the hospital because I like knowing that there are drugs and doctors on site should I need them.
from sarah


  • Hi JoJo
    If you want to have a home birth you should go for it. Its just as safe as hospital and lets face it if any problems develop during labour your midwife will transfer you to hospital.
    from sarah
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