I was just wondering how you were all getting on with Christmas ?
For weeks now cards, wrapping paper & decorations have been on sale also some of the shops in town have got their xmas decs up already.
My xmas shopping is about half done but then I have to be organised because my girls were december babies, Chelsea will be 8 on the 9th and Chloe will be 3 on the 17th.
Every year I try to make it as easy and painless as possible so I start buying in September I try to get as much as possible via catalogue or I buy online and get them to deliver. I started to write cards a few days ago I do a few at a time, same with wrapping the presents although I've not started those yet.I try to have it finished by the end of november.
Come december its advent calendars, tree up, birthdays, school plays, christmas parties. And lets not forget the annual scrum that is the christmas food shop.
I know its early to bring up christmas but i wondered how you were all getting on after all it's only 8 weeks till the big day.
from Sarah
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