how much you should spend on a child at christmas

Hi Ive got 3 kids and for christmas this year we've spent around £200 on each of them and that's about 20 gifts each. I think that the older they get the more you spend, my eldest is 14, my middle one will be 8 on the 9th dec and my youngest will be 3 on 17th dec.
I don't spend much on birthdays so we have a bit of a blow out at christmas.


  • I have had loads of people ask me what they should get for my 4 month old... I have told them not to bother as she won't remember this christmas and they shouldn't waste their money (they can always spend it on me - I'll rememeber!!!) but this is normally met with some kind of horror like I am depriving the poor child.

    I'm sure that she will be happiest staring at sparkly lights and trying to pull the tree down with my mum's puppy! (this puppy is THE funniest thing on earth as far as Poppy is concerned she has her in absolute fits of baby laughter)

    My parents have said though that they will give some money for her savings account, we have got her some books.
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