what do you guys do all day?

I seem to spend most of my day going to school.My eldest sorts himself out but Chelsea is at primary school and Chloe has just started nursery. So I walk to school for 9.00am and drop them both off I pick Chloe up at 11.30am then I pick up Chelsea at 3.15pm. In between I always seem to be loading the washing machine or washing up.


  • The term "stay at home mum" doesn't apply to me .... I'm never in! After giving up work to stay at home with Kieran I've taken on Avon and Usborne books and I love it - Kieran comes with me to everything!
    I've just started visiting the toy library too which is very well run and it's nice for me to get out and actually mix with other Mums as a mum rather than an avon lady or book person!
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