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Hi there my name is Rachel and I'm single Mum to Phoebe who will be 2 on Tuesday. I am 29 and live in Essex.


  • Hi all,im a newbie to,got a wonderful boy 2yrs riley of course,im 24 and married.I live in essex(on the coast,sort of)i also go on he mother and baby web site,but now rileys older im more to stick here,more age related.
    Does anyone out there have a large family,im 1 of 6,i have 3 sisters and 2 brothers,my older sister has 4 boys and my 1yr younger sister has 3 boys.
    I saw that sue you knew you were having a boy,did you get told or did you have to go private.I ask because me and the man have decided to wait a while longer before considering baby no2 but would love to no if its a boy or a girl but at the same time still like the element of supprise,mind you,where we are you have to go private for baby sexing and can cost up to 160quid.i suppose no biggie if it helps with the bonding process.only my mum is eager for a granddaughter,bless her.x
  • Hi vicki,thanks for the feed back.I know deep down that when we do decide to have another that i dont realy care weather its a boy or girl,it will be loved just the same.The idea of not knowing adds to the suprise and i suppose it helps the process of giving birth,to see what you have at the end,makes all that pushing worth while.I dont remember being told i'd had a boy,i just got given this tiny baby all snug with a blue hat on.
  • Hi vicki,hope you got a good nite sleep,i would love another,i think riley would love a brother or sister but dads still a bit edgy.(birth horror)I can say we did talk about it the other days as 4friends have all just had babies and he said when riley is at school,maybe,so i look on that as a good sign.x
    Hello to billie,i dont tend to get time during the day to log on as busy mums is what we are,i try to jump on when the huby is not fiddling with music and games.Wrie again when nxt log on.x
  • Hi billie,Im not sure if ive said hi on another chat page bt hi anyway,chat sometime soon.Emma.x
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