Please help - how do you get your kids to tidy up?

My kids rooms are always messy and toys tend to get pushed under the bed. you know "out of sight out of mind" kind of thing I'll blitz them sometimes and sort it all out but it don't stay tidy long. Downstairs though when they have stuff out and have finished with it i won't let them get something new out until the old ones been put away. If they won't put it away I threaten them with a black bag and tell them I'll put it out with the rubbish, it usually works.


  • Hi there,hope your research is going well,my son is 2yrs old and was not very helpful at tidying.He loved to put toys into veriuos holes in the flat,books mainly went through the letter box,cars went through the bars on the fire(forever picking them out,thank god i dont use it)i explained best as possible if he put his toys away he would get what was asked for,i started ignoring him if he wanted something but didnt want to tidy up.He has a duplo fire truck which has storage so he uses that to put everything in,now im quite amased when i start cookig dinner his quick to tidy up,he even made an attemptd at the hoovering which he now loves to do.xx
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