tenages with an atuide

My son is 15 and sometimes he is totally lovely to have around but then the flip side of that are his bad atitude days when he's moody, moans about everything, slams doors and is really arguementative. When he gets like that i refuse to talk to him when he starts i walk away. I've also found that clear boundaries help like if he goes out after school he has to be home by 9.30pm, The internet is turned of at 9.00pm every night, and on school nights its lights out at 10.30pm.
He's more good than bad though he gets up every morning and does a paper round and last year he saved up every penny he earned and brought himself a computer and a new ipod.


  • Im in the same boat as heidi,my brother is 15 and gone the whole hog,went nuts,smoking(the leafs to)and moved in with his 18yr old pregnant because he didnt like the ground rules at home.my mum and dad have tryed everything from informing the police to social services but still no joy.Its all down to showing off to older boys to prove what only god knows,all i can say is at that age i might have been slightly stupid but because my mum was kinda easy giong i respected her and the house rules(i think this is what boys lack)i suppose to say give a little get alot.Let him konw what he can and cant do and go back to basics if you realy have to of bribery.
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