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NB twins and baby under 1. Pushchair Advice!

Hi All
I'm 26, I have a 5 1/2 month old daughter, Milly, and just found out that I am 18 weeks pregnant with twins. I struggeled with PND for the first few months, but was actually pregnant when Milly was 8 weeks old. I am happy that I am pregnant and have the full support of my partner and family, but worry about pushchairs of all things.

Can any one give me any advice re:twin/tandem/tripple pushchairs. I need to be able to be out and about from very early one to keep my sanity, if nothing else. Milly wont be ready for walking all the time, but dont want to have the cumbersome effort of a tripple buggy. She wont be ready for a boogie board but thought of something similar, a seat that clips on to the back. Can anyone halp me with this? Or any other advice is always accepted.

Many thanks


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