Adam wants to marry his Grandma

Pmsl I asked Adam (almost 2 years 5 months) if he was going to marry his little friend Sophie and he said 'No' so I asked 'are you marrying Emily then?' again he said no. So I went through all his little baby girl friends and still he said no before adding - 'me marrying Grandma'. Hes now been saying for a couple of days hes marrying Grandma so I asked him did he not want to marry his Nanna to which he replied ' No Grandma marrying'. Thats when it clicked why he wants to marry his grandma - her name is Marion and he must have thought thats what I meant lol.


  • Lol actually I was just saying to Jay that an arranged marriage would be a good idea for Adam - that way we get ap grandchildren pmsl. He didnt agree even though I told him if you have a girl she'll be the one. Ooh thought of new girls names - what do you think of Amerie or Elodie (that one was in pp magazine)? Can you see Duncan having a wife with either of those names hehe!
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