Baby Sign language Anyone?

I did babysign with Adam and it has helped him loads. All of his first words with the exception of grandad were ones I had taught him signs too and by 10 months he was combining words with signs to speak in sentences. For example he would say 'Dad' and sign 'gone' when dp went to work and later added the sign 'where' to ask me where he was. He also used it to make comparisons and one of the most inventive ways he used it was to sign zebra after seeing a picture of my cousin in a Newcastle shirt. that was amazing for me because he communicated something to me that I would never have known he was thinking - was like a window into his mind. He can now talk clearly in sentences so we dont need to use signs so much but occasionally will still use them like he sometimes signs milk when hes nursing (hes still bf) and gives me a big grin when I say 'yes milk' as if hes checking I remember.

What I found best about baby sign was how Adam made up his own signs in an effort to communuicate and knowing how it works helped me look out for them. My nephew hasnt been taught babysign but he has figured out he can communicate with his hands and has made up his own sign to ask to be picked up which surprised us all. I think its amazing.
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