My little boys poorly

We didnt get much sleep last night because Adam was saying he was sore. First he ws saying his mouth hurt then his ears and at one point he was just screaming mammy and nothing would calm him. I had no calpol in so wasnt really much i could do except hug him and nurse him. Then he was telling me to get off him whilst clinging to my arm at the same time. He started hitting out too - think he was just so frustrated and tired but couldnt sleep. When he woke up it was dark and he told me he didnt like it - 2 hours later he told me to turn the dark off but by then the sun had come up so I told him it was light now and that calmed him down a bit. Still took a while to get him back off to sleep but he stopped crying and hitting out.

He doesnt seem to be in any pain today and is much happier - just sleepy. Im so shattered that Im still in my pjs but need to get us both dressed and go to chemist in case it starts again tonight but now hes napping but wakes whenever I try to put him down cos he just wants to be close to me. Bless him I hate it when hes not well - would do anything to swop places with him. Oh and just realised its wednesday so I've missed the post office and cant get any money from my bank account to buy calpol. Think I need to go back to bed.

Sorry for the babbling - just a bit tired.


  • Well Adams was a one night wonder and he recovered pretty quickly - he has a back tooth coming through so think that was the culprit along with a bit of a cold (which luckily has bypassed me but dp has caught).
    How you doing Ann? I keep missing you on msn, hope everyone is better now at your end.
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