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Hi hun

Sounds rough but i was with my partner for over a year then we married and had riley when we had been together for about 4yrs but he was realy not happy about becoming a dad.I thought he only did it to please me.Rileys now 2yrs 6mths and they are inseperbale.Bless he had so much to deal with as he nearly lost the both of us in child birth but it did take him a good year to get used to being a dad.

I no how bad it can be without the love making(sex)because you have the baby around.I will offer this advice,try and get someone to watch the baby for a few hours one night so you can go out for a drink together then anothe time try and make it that the same prso has bubs for the whole night giving you both time to relax.Me and hubby did this and it was him mum who had riley,at first she watched him at ours for the evenng so we could go out for a meal(not long)then she did it again but a bit longer,then she took him for the night so we didnt have to worry.I dont wanna brag but by the time riley turned 1(early december)we booked a mini shopping trip in hamburg for 3nights and i felt happy leaving him and it realy did us the world of good to just get away for a bit.

Im not saying you have to do this but you do need a break to keep that something there.You both need the time together to talk properly about things and where you stand,talk about sex,altho a taboo subject do it,it realy hepls(we started talking sex when i started hosting ann summers partys)this was a great pick me up as he was intrested in what id brought and when would he get to see it.

Im usully here most nights but if you like you can get me at [email protected] during the day for a good chin wag.
Emma xx
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