WAT DO I DO ?????

Hi Gracey

Emma again, think all kids do it because of the response.Riley is bad for doing it aswell at the moment and says a few other words to.I've found it you try inding another word that sounds the same may help.When riley says the ''s'' word i reply yes riley sit and he has said boll***s a few times and my reply is yes balloons.

I think its working becaus when he says it and i reply like that he doesnt see the funny side.I no what its like to have your parents swearing all the time and thinking its funny,mine do it when we go over.

At this age kids will pick up the most horrific words if heard and it might not be us saying it, it can be any old tom dick or harry out there.Just stick at best you can, when he sees he dont get a reaction he will soon stop and find another way to get your attention.

good luck hun


  • Hi Gracey

    Good luck and let me no how it goes.
    Me and Riley are loving the weather, me and hubby took him swimming yesterday and it was nice to be cool in the water and Rilry happy slpashing around and dunking himself under.I think his a natural but still need to swim yet.He hates rubber rings and wont wear armbands so im doing my best to teach him how to swim, might take a while yet but we will get there.

    When we got back we all sat in the garden with the neighbours and not being out long ive tanned quite nicely(i smother Riley in sun cream).

    As for the swearing he doesnt say it anymore only if he hears it then he repeats it a few times but he is definately getting better.

    Emma xx
  • Hi gracey
    My neice was encourages and taught to swear by my other brother in law, her uncle. She started at 4 years old,to get attention. Her mum did the old trick of putting soap in her mouth, it was a diluted liquid soap, but she has remembered it to this day, and knows that if she does it again she knows what will happen.
    Milly's grandpa, my partners dad, never swore infront of the kids, even his mum would say bumholes or crotchless knickers if she wanted to swear (lol). But my mum is quite the opposite. Think that we'll just have to wait and see with her.
  • Hi Gracey

    Good luck with everything,paitence is a vertue and all that,stick at it.

    Write soon

    Emma xx
  • Quote:

    Her mum did the old trick of putting soap in her mouth, it was a diluted liquid soap, but she has remembered it to this day, and knows that if she does it again she knows what will happen.

    Oh wow - sorry but Im shocked at that and just want to say please dont do it. I think its awful to punish a child in that way for saying a word he/she has learned from adults. Maybe its the adults who should have their mouths washed out . Especially in this case since she was actively encouraged to swear - sorry but I would consider washing a childs mouth out with soap to be child abuse .

    I think its probably best to just ignore bad language and not make a big deal of it. Also have a talk to the people who are swearing around him and ask them to watch their language. If they wont then limit the time your lo spends with them. If your child rarely hears it he'll be less likely to use it but if hes hearing it on a regular basis he will think its normal and acceptable. Hes not really doing anything wrong because its right and normal for children to imatate - its how they learn - its the adults who are teaching him the words who are in the wrong imo.
  • totally agree. soap not good idea. maybe tell who ever swearing that you would like them to consider what a tough time you are going to have trying to stop your child swearing in public or even at school or playgroup. you have little control over the language your child hears out side your home, but you can control the language they hear from family members by not taking them or inviting them if they can't hold there tonge while your child is in their company!!!!!
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