How do you do it

Hi all

I no this havs been covered in other posts but its still a mystery to me how you get these lovely pictures and birth lines on the page.

Iv'e been through the user options and read all i can but am still fazed by how to do it.I no how to put a thumb nail picci on but mine are to big at the mo but its just the rest.Anymore light shed on this would be great.

Thanks Emma xx


  • Hi emma
    Ive been to the web site,, it lets you create the ticker, but i havnt figured out how to get it to show on my signature. It was fun making the tickers tho.
  • Hi Sally thanks for that i'll give it a try and c what i can do.(not much i reccon)hehe!
    Emma xx
  • Ok Emma,
    Got it sorted. Go to, create your ticker. Select the second link down, copy it. In the user options (next to where you log in) go to the main configureation part of this page. Click to edit the personal information, this allows youto change your preferences, password etc. paste the link that you coppied from liypie in the signature. When you next ad to a post or create one it will appear.

    Hope this works for you, i've just spent the last 20 min nap time doing it for me.

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