BBC1 SERIES- children fighting cancer

Hi BecsF

I love watchin all these sort of programs as its an insight to the other side of life we dont often get to see unless we no of someone that ill.I also watch alot of baby ER,its helpful to no about chilhood illnesses and things.

Well hun i'll defo be watching.

Emma xx


  • Totaly agree with you there, my cousin found out a few months ago that his son has got serible palsey(spelling!)it only got picked up after he was a year and at first they got told he is a little behind as boys tend to be but my cousin knew something was wrong and requested to see a specialist and his little boy was diagnoised after a few tests.

    Also my other cousin had a little girl and she was born totaly deff.Diagnoised after new baby screaning in hospital.

    And i say the same,we dont realise just how lucky we are untill a family member has a problem.

    Emma xx
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