boys and their toys

Hi BecsF,

We got rilry one of these from B&Q 200cm in width and 100cm in length,but you can get them from E-L-C,Toys r us, Argos,im not sure on the measuements tho.

I did once see a pop up style that was round(easy storage)but for the life of me i cant remember where i saw it,it could have been in the mag.

Check to net tho im sure u'll find what your looking for.

Good luck hun

Emma xx


  • Hi Becs
    Have you thought of your local Freecycle group. Its through Yahoo Groups. I asked if anyone had a playnest/doughnut thing, and the next day someone mailed me to come and collect it.

    Its been mentioned on here somewhere before, but if you are looking for something that everyone says 'I know what you mean but gave it away ...' and to get rid of stuff that would ordinarily just be taking up space, or end up in landfill.

    Im a member in my area, various rules and restrictions etc, but all in all very useful.

    Good Luck
  • Hi

    Yep freecycle is great,im a member and already have got some good stuff.They doyour local and surrounding areas.Give it a go.I'll keep my eyes peled for the pop up version,i no its in one of my mags somewhere.

    emma xx
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