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Hi Becx07,

I think its a great idea,and if you look in the back of pp mag there is a company that do naming cermonies(you could ask them if you can have it done anywhere)i would have thought you could just like getting married in a hotel.
Me and adi wanted to get riley christened but our families were dead against it,we arn't religious but married in a church as we both believed it was right and wanted the same with a christening but never got round to it(shame).
Tell your other half he benifits as you can have a party after in your local boozer(if he likes a drink)and it gets the family together which in most peoples cases doesnt happen that often.Good luck with it and let us no how you get on.
Emma xx


  • Hi Becky,

    Keep at it and im sure one day he will give in.

    The one in the back of the mag at the mo is a bishop who does baptisms or naming services at home or a venue.
    You can check out the web site at or ring 0208 303 0461.Hope this helps till you get a mag hun.

    Emma xx
  • Hi there,

    I have looked into humanist weddings, the same theory as naming ceremonys. Weddings (and namings) are either religious, civil, or none of the above. Check out this link Naming Ceremony Guide It helps explain the BHA stand point. Did you know that if you get married in a civil ceremony, they need to 'vet' what music and poems or readings you are using, just incase it mentions god, same for a naming ceremony!!! Useless if you have a mixed religion family. No one is there to tell you what you should or should not say.

    You can get a celebrant who will guide you though the process, but essentally you get the experience that you what. Most importantly you can have it anywhere you want, in your home, at an important place (e.g. forrest or field) a bit new age but very unique.

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