I got a fab childrens dolls house off freecycle

Never been played with but had been varnished and painted and came with all the furniture and 4 dolls. Its great Adam put all the furniture in the bathroom and a sofa on the roof before emptying it all out and climbimng in himself lol. The woman advertising it said 'great for a little girl or boy' which I thought was fab as most people would just consider it a girls toy but I think its useful for all children to have the opportunity for role play.

Anyway turning this into a debate now - would you give a little boy a dolls house and dolls? Also whats the best thing you've ever got from freecycle?


  • Hi Julie

    I think freecycle s great.
    Yes i let Riley play with dolls although we dont have any at home when we visit family with girls and creche he loves it. I do think its good because it teaches boys how to treat and love something instead of just fighting with action men dolls.

    I would have to say the best thing(s) we have got off freecycle was clothes and some pillows,the clothes because Rileys wardrobe had almost vanished and i kept forgetting to get him so bits and the pillows was because my hubby was due home from hospital after an op and the woman droped them round just beore he got home.(they were good because they are like the memory foam and mould to your shape)i dont no what we would have done without them now.

    Emma xx
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