Hi Mummy01

I cant say i've noticed but i have with other baby shops.Theres tags on the clothes why not put them on there.
I had the same problem for myself the other day in dorothy perkins.I got the realy nice gold and cream dress top,i'd tryed it on, on previous days but hubby came with me and got it.When i got it home and tryed it on there was a big hole in the middle where te security tag had been.I took it back and the cashier said she could take moer money off it if i could sew it up.How bloody cheeky.Anyway they didnt have another in the sz i wanted(16)but had a 14.I am a 14 but thought as its a september wedding i get a bigger size to be comfy.
It is naughty what they do,and just what they get away with.

Emma xx


  • hi there
    This is going to sound realy SAD but i used to work in a shop and the reason they put tags where they do is so the shoplifters can remove to tags by hand without damaging the clothing if the tag is put on a seam the shoplifter can unpick the seam remove the tag then sell it on.
    I agree that it is a bad idea as the tags damage the item for people who are buying them.

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