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two under three

Hi there, I also have two girls under 3 (although one is 2yrs 3mths, the other is 14 weeks.
My oldest is extremely energetic, and nothing seems to wear her out.
Have you got any indoor playcentres near you? If so, they are great. If you haven't, how about something as simple as painting or cooking. Playdough is another great activity and is cheap to buy or cheaper to make (they will also have great fun helping to make it.)
Hope this helps.
Take care and good luck
Kas xx


  • hi jessiesmum
    i got maisy a dvd called my first album the one that melinda messinger promoted about a year ago, its great it got nursery rhymes acttion songs and stories on that the kids can dance too..

  • Oh yea, we got that for Niamhs first Christmas, its great.
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