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Yes it was Athlete, he was singing about his kid being in hospital and the song is called 'Wires'

Love jd_mummy xx


  • I didnt know what the song was about till after i found out i was having twins. I was devastated cos it was one of my favourite songs... Then, when i thought of what the song was about, everytime it comes on the radio, i burst into tears. My partner plays the guitar and learned that song when it first came out, i loved it cos he used to sing it to me... now i have to shout at him whenever he plays it because of the thoughts in my head of our babies in plastic boxes. He says it has a happy ending cos of the line 'looking at you now, you would never know', but still makes me cry, even now just thinking of it.

    hopefully when my babies are born and they dont need the wires or plastic boxes, i will feel better about it.

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