Im New!

hi you two
im rachel i have been on here a couple of months, it great for advice or just a chat. feel free to email me (address on home page)
I have a 3 yr old called maisy who is still going through terror two (lol)


  • Hi all im emma 24 mum to riley 2yrs 8mths and auntie(currently mummy)to my niece 12weeks.
    Been here a while and you do get good advice all round,look forward to talking to you all sometime.
    Emma xx
  • hi robert1
    maisy is 3 yrs old going on 16 she can be difficult most of the time at the moment.
    maisys fav word at the moment is ''Your joking'' she sounds like an old woman!!
  • Hi everyone i'm Dawn and a new mum to Cameron who's 4 months. He's absolutely gorgeous but i never realised something so small could make quite so much noise!!
  • Hi
    Welcome to you all. I dont come on this site very much but i'm Andrea Mum of 2. Chat soon
  • Hi Robert1

    Im Tasha and new too all this 2 but really enjoying it! Im 27 and mum to Ethan 2yrs 5months and 5month old Amber. Would love to chat sometime.
  • Hi Grace have replied to your message in the lounge but thought I'd say hi to you here anyway! How lovely to have 2boys close in age people always assume I was desperate for a girl (& of course i'm delighted with her) but I've always thought how cute 2brothers look and hopefully they will be good friends! Do they get on well? Ethan actually adores Amber and is very loving towards her (for now)! Chat soon x
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