Subscribed to pp with tesco!

Thanks for the tip subscribed 2years ago and starting to feel guilty about still getting it this way I can get it guilt free! Have saved up all my points and we are also thinking of using them to go to butlins! much more fun than spending them in store!!


  • hi tasha
    would strongly recommend butlins it great been loads of times but we go with the sun newspaper holidays £9.50
    Works out less than £100 for the holiday monday to friday (4 people share)
    which one would you go to???
  • Hi Rache
    How do thoes holiday deals work,i was always a bit worried about booking one after the cruise one they did was a fake and they just kept trying to put people off till a later date till people like trading standards and watchdog got involved.
    Is it just 9.50 or is there alot of hidden charges.
    Would love to do it as i think riley would like it and we need a break.
    Emma xx
  • hi emma
    sent you details
  • Hi Rachel
    We went to Butlins in Bognor for the fireworks weekend last november we didn't get it on a deal and it cost a fortune!! Not sure if I'd do Bognor again as ive heard the others are better although I think they're all being done up at mo. We nearly have enough points from tescos to cover mini break with Butlins so trying to convince hubby! Ethan adored it he was only 20months but still remembers seeing Bob the Builder! Take care x
  • Hi all
    I'm Andrea mum of 2. Just like to say that its a great idea using your points at tescos. Didn't realise you could do that so i'm looking into it. Cheers ladies x
  • Hi Andrea
    If you havent already looked into it, you get 4 times the value of your points over the net so £2.50 will get you £10 voucher for loads of different things. Just click on clubcard deals on the tesco website. Enjoy! Tasha X
  • Cheers Tasha. I'll have a look when i've finished on this site x
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