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  • Hi Tasha
    How did you get on?
    Any nearer to finding a solution to Ambers food intol'?
  • Hi Simone
    How did you get on at mums and tots today? Hope you had fun chat soon x
  • Hi Lucyanne
    Thanks for asking. It went well she has agreed to refer us to a dietician thank goodness! She understood that Ambers hungry and just can't tolerate anything but did make a comment that we really should not be feeding her yet (not because of condition just in general)! I just answered that if you could get a stage 2 of soya, I wouldn't need to. I'm a bit concerned that she may delay the refferal (she's not sure if she can do it and is going to talk to a doctor) until Amber's 6 months so I'm going to keep nagging! Hope your daughters's getting on ok? Take care chat soon x
  • Hi everyone,
    Hope you are all ok and so are your little one's.
    Have had a nightmare with computer would not let me use internet, think it is sorted!
    Tasha i read about Ethan and his pooh! must have been awful hope he hasn't done it since! How is Amber has she managed to eat yet.
    Jessica has started to sleep well again, i give her weetabix at seven and she sleeps till about six has her milk and sleeps till eight.
    Speak soon

  • Hi simone
    Glad things are easier at night with Jessica, it sounds though she's sleeping really well. We're having dreadful nights and only managing 5-6 hours sleep Ethans waking screaming and it's very difficult to get him back down and as Amber's still not eating solids she wakes at 4 (it used to be 7) feeds then struggles to settle. I'm waiting for an appointment with the dietician and it seems pointless to feed her before then as it makes her ill and we all get sleepless nights any way it's no win!! No Ethan hasn't been creative with the contents of his nappy since and i must admit I do think it's quite funny! Something to tell all his girlfriends! Sorry for the essay hope you're having a good weekend chat soon x
  • Hi Simone
    How did you get on at baby group?
    Cameron seems to be really enjoying it, he even managed to have a quick snooze while we were there on Wednesday!! I'm going to start looking around for another one in our area since he enjoys it so much!
    Take care
    Dawn x
  • Hi,
    Still have not managed to get to baby group, it's not because i have chickened out, i have been really busy! Good thing my friend has a ten month old so she can get used to other children. Mind you we did take her to a family horse race day and she was as good as gold.
    Tasha, how is Amber, has she had a reaction to the bannana!
    Jessica had a bad night last night, she woke up three times, she doesn't scream just groans for about an hour, must be her teeth!
    Hope you are ok, speak soon

  • Hi Simone
    It's really difficult to find time to fit everything in isn't it, i thought that by being at home all day i'd have loads of time to do things with Cameron but it really doesn't work out like that!
    Cameron's not been sleeping very well either, he's up at least twice a night at the moment and his front teeth still aren't showing any signs of coming through!
  • Hi Dawn,
    I know what you mean by trying to fit everything in! I need two of me. Are you returning back to work, i have but i only do 14 hours a week as a home carer and i used to be a hairdresser so still do a bit of that. We are going away a week friday am nervous as not taken Jessica away yet!

    Speak soon
  • Hi Simone
    I'm due to go back to work after Christmas, just for 2 1/2 days a week.I'm quite looking forward to it, it'll be good to get out and have some adult company!! I'm hoping it'll work out ok, i'm a nursery nurse in a local school so i get all the school holidays and don't work long hours. Now all i have to do is find a childminder!
    It'll do you good to get away for a while and i'm sure Jessica will be on her best behaviour, my partners doing a rally on the isle of mull in October and i'm in 2 minds whether to go with Cameron. It would be good to get away from home, but at the same time Cameron will only be 6 months and John will be really busy so i'll be left by myself alot of the time - it might just be easier to stay at home!
    Chat soon
  • Hi Simone
    How's things? Did you go to mums and tots again yesterday? Our tots starts again today thank goodness!! I think Ethans really missed going as we normally go to one each day and iv'e noticed that he hasn't been playing well with his toys at home, think he needs the interaction! Then meeting my mum at pub for lunch (how bad's that)! so should have a nice day! Take care chat soon x
  • Hi Dawn and Tasha,
    Still have not managed baby group as we went a visited my friend who has a little boy, so at least she had some interaction with another child.I did take her to a place called Finkley down farm today with my Mum, which was fun and she was really good. Bit strange though she smiled at the great big cows, put a goat or sheep in front of her and she cried!
    Dawn, it is good to get back to work, just enough hours a week not to miss out on anything. I am lucky with childcare as my partner has in own Taxi, so her looks after Jess when i am at work.
    Tasha, How are Ethan and Amber! Did she have a reaction to the Bananna!

    I will stop Rambling know!
    Take care chat soonxx
  • Hi Simone
    Gled your well the farm sounds lovely we have one near us that Ethan adores he even bottle fed the lambs last time we went! Ethans doing great we've cracked the potty traing and yesterday he had no accidents and we now go out and about without a pullup saying that he weed in the middle of boots today! He starts playgroup next week and he's so excited! We also got a turtle at the weekend which he adores! Amber's ok thanks i took her off the banana as she immediatly stopped sleeping at night and would cry all evening. We saw the doctor yesterday and are seeing peaditrician on the 20th until then we have to feed her and just take note of the reactions so it's sleepless nights all round! We booked Ambers christening yesterday for the 30th (only gives me 3weeks to plan) so i'm really excited and in planning overdrive! Sorry for the essay it's good to catch up! Have a really lovely weekend away chat soon xx
  • Hi Simone,
    Did you have a lovely weekend away? How did Jessica enjoy it?! x
  • Hi Tasha,
    Not been away yet, its friday we go! half dreeding it as my friend, who i am going with has a 12month old boy and he wakes up about five times in the night!
    How have you beeen, are Ethan and Amber ok.
    I gave Jessica a bit of Bannana the other day and she was sick every where, i thought it might have been because it was a lump, so i mushed it up and she started gagging again! don't think she likes Bannana!

    Chat soon
    Simone x
  • PS
    Just realised you have a picture of Amber, what a lovely little girl, still have not managed to sort mine out yet.
  • thanks Simone Finally managed to find one small enough it's not the best pic hoping to change it when i download my next lot. Haven't managed to find one for Ethan promise it's not favouritism! Ethan used to have things he gaggged on it could just be the texture she doesn't like.
    Have a great weekend away try to enjoy it even overnight at least it's not Jessica waking and you can try to switch off!! x
  • Hi Simone
    Cameron did exactly the same with broccoli the other night it was everywhere!!(including all over mummy).
    Have a lovely time when you're away, you'll maybe have to pack some earplugs for you and Jessica if your friends little boys that bad!!
    Take care
    Dawn x
  • Hi Becky,
    Jessica is over ten months and still only has two teeth, no sign of any more yet!
    Its such a lovely age now as they are changing all the time, Jessica has started pulling herself up at the furniture, so need eyes in the back of my head.
    Hope yo had a good sleep!
    Speak soon


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