Potty training arrgh!

Hi all
Anyone else finding potty training completely frustrating?!!
I've been traing Ethan for nearly 3weeks and admitedly have not done it intensively (I like going out in day too much and refuse to stay in house with 2 kids)! He's doing ok and can hold his wee for upto an hour but has never told me that he needs his potty if I forget to ask him we have an accident. Would be nice to chat to others going through it or if anyones got any advice x


  • Hi Grace thanks for your message Ethan 2yrs 5months. Have actually had a little progress this morn (though its probably a fluke) we were at a garden centre and he asked for a wee his pull up was dry and he did a massive wee on toilet i was so proud!! Have been giving him lots of praise since in the hope that it clicks! He's asleep at mo so will have to see how it goes this afternoon although ive noticed that he's worse in the mornings when he's still tired so hopefully rest of day will go well.
    My mother in law has actually trid to convince me to potty train my 5month old daughter!! Apparently if you start now they can be dry before a year old, no way I'm going to try it though!! Good luck with the night time training chat again soon xx
  • Hi Boo
    Ethan became a lot more interested in potty training when he saw his friends using them and when people came for coffee we ended up having potty parties!! Maybe if Zoe sees someone doing it she may copy 'to be big' like them?! Like you we do most of our training in the afternoons it just feels like very slow progress doesn't it?! Good luck x
  • Hi
    how did zoe get on with the potty today? Ethan doing ok although I think he's bored with the whole thing and I often have to bribe him onto the potty! Have found that a sticker reward chart works a treat! chat soon x
  • Have you tried pull ups it makes them feel grown up plus if they want to try and use the potty round at friends or tots its easy! I never used to be a fan as I was a nursery nurse and just found them a pain to change buy am now converted! x
  • Hi
    Ethans had ok afternoon with potty traing but hasn't poohed in 2 days pretty sure he's holding it because his belly's quite swollen bless him! have tried sitting with him and putting nappy back on but no luck! chat soon
  • Ooh thats a good idea I was being advised lactolose but didn't want to give him unneccessary medicine. Actually don't need it this time as he filled his pull up in tesco this atfernoon and wasn't very discreet!! By the way your pics and avatars look lovely your children are gorgeous I have been trying to do mine following advice in another forum but can't seem to get it to copy and paste into my details or at least it won't submit when I paste in the info any tips?!! thanks a lot hope your two are getting on ok
  • Thanks for the advice about avatars/tickers it was spot on chat soon x
  • Riley was doing realy well till we got realy busy with baby and all but i still make a point to put his pants on while at home and he's realy good at asking for the loo,its just going out and bedtime we got to bust now.
    I found doing a sticker chart and reward at the end of the week or month realy helped as he loves putting his stickers on the chart.(i made my own on the puter,jazzed it up for him).
    Emma xx
  • Hi Dawn Sorry you had a bad day. My friends little boy was just like Zoe but she was stubborn and went for the intensive potty training anyway I couldn't believe it when he was dry in 2 weeks! So there is still hope. Will ask her for some tips and pass them on take care x
  • Hi Grace good to hear from you. Things going pretty good thanks Ethans actually doing pretty well with potty traing and we may have cracked it (shouldn't say that as it will probably go downhill now)!! I have been trying to keep him in pants all day and he's only having a couple of accidents plus he now occasionally asks for a wee! Still not tempted to train Amber I need at least 18 months to recover from training Ethan!! Glad alls well with you take care x
  • Hi Erin
    Thanks for your tip, I have been trying to keep Ethan in pants full time the last few days and it certainly seems to have helped he only had 1 accident yesterday and immediatly knew he had done it so that's a big improvement! As I have a baby too, I have tended to give in when it gets too much and put a pull up on him but think we can hopefully crack it this week! Thanks again chat soon x
  • That's great news about Zoe it's a good step forward. Try not to worry about her not 'performing' for you, my guess is that it may simply have been the novelty factor of having Daddy to herself. By the way have just discovered that asking Ethan to do a wee on his own works a treat he loves to pull down his own pants, again I think its the novelty factor!
  • Hi all,
    you all seem to be doing well with potty training. I tried Niamh a couple of weeks ago, but she only made it once in a day. She would go and sit on the potty for ages, then get up and wee.
    After a couple of days, she started getting annoyed at us always asking her to sit on the potty. Trying to make it as fun as poss.
    Think I'll try again after the bank hol.
    Any great tips?
    I know I need to do it intensly, its just getting a couple of days at home to do it.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Kas xx
  • Thats my prob, every time I go out, I put a nappy on Niamh. I did take her to the docs once for Tara to have her jabs, was all prepared, had potty and everything. She just weed all over the doctors waiting room. It doesnt bother her at all. I think im just confusing the poor child.
    Im not worried at all, I think there can be too much pressure to get a child trained, im sure it'll come soon.
    Kas xx
  • Hi Kas and Dawn
    Potty training going ok but wewere naughty today! Decided last minute to take the kids to West midlands Safari Park we had a lovely time but it meant Ethan spent the whole day in a nappy which he hasn't done in 4weeks so feel a bit guilty. Going to make sure we do it properly tomorrow!!
  • Just seen an article on the mother and baby web site about potty training children from birth! The idea is to have them dry through the night by six months and save on nappies and therefore protect the environment! I'm all for saving the planet but I think this may be a step to far especially as there are reusable nappies!
  • I've got the same problem now we have very nearly cracked it but I just can't bring myself to take him out in pants and I know that by doing this, I'm really dragging it out. He's nearly dry at home now so either I stay in or just go out and deal with it!
  • Hi gracey good to hear from you hope the boys are doing good? Is there not much on for mums around you? Potty traing going good thanks nearly there I just need to be a bit more consistent with it. Ambers getting scarily mobile desperately trying to crawl (backwards) but it's really sweet as Ethans started choosing toys to share with her and they play on the floor together it's lovely to watch! Like Eoin we've been getting Ethan ready for playgroup and he starts in the next couple of weeks - its me thats getting nervous! Hope to chat soon take care x
  • Hi Tasha and Gracey,
    hope you are both ok (have sent private messages this eve).
    Niamh starts playschool next week to. Im mre nervous than she is, she keeps asking to go now. Ambers doing well, you forget how quick they develop at this age. Tara loves kicking her legs but isnt rolling yet and hates being on her tummy. Niamh was the same, but once she got mobile, there was no stopping her, so Im not worried bout Tara.
    I cant wait till the girls start playing together. It is getting better though, Niamhs learnt to be more gentle now which is good.
    Sorry bout the essay.
    Hope you are all ok.
    Take care and look forward to chatting with you both soon
    Kas xx
  • Hi Teresa
    Ethan began showing an interest in the potty at the same age as Jacob so we started putting him on at each nappy change. However he wasn't ready to progress from this stage until he was 2 years 5 months it did seem to make it easier though as he was very used to using a potty by the time we did it seriously. Good Luck x
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