Just wanted to know if there was anyone else on here with MS. I have a friend with MS and she has a 3 month old baby and is finding things hard. Just wanted to know if anyone has any tops tips on making things easier.


  • Hi hun
    Different but my grandad suffered with ms at an early age in life and between him and my nan they raised 3kids,it depends on the support she got and how bad a suffer she is,have you talked to her about it,not realy the best thing to talk about i no but she might benifit from getting any problem off her chest,talk to her and see what she thinks she needs to make it a bit easier.
    Emma xx
  • Hi,
    Have just found out that she is getting Home Care in twice a week for an hour two do things like housework and ironing,
    think this will help her loads!
  • thats good,at least she gets different company of friends,i went nuts for the fitsr few weeks as i couldnt realy go out,managed a few times but only for about 10-15 mins,i'd had surgery after riley to repair a tear inside and out and it involved a nerve/tendon(one of the two)got tightened during surgery so it made walking a little tough and painfull at times.took a while but now fit on me fit with it,but its got to be frustraighting when you cant do something that used to be a simple task.
    Emma xx
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