Replacement for Bunny?

Have you tried e bay you can find all sorts there! you can also advertise for items wanted good luck


  • Never heard of that make hope you find it! will keep an eye out
  • Hi Dawn Just realised that Real love is the range of baby products designed by John Lennon(!) We used to have it all over the nursery where I worked. There are a couple of bits on Ebay but I don't think they're the exact one you're looking for but you never know!
  • By the way the John Lennon range is by 'Mam' had a look on their website, couldn't see it but I don't know quite what I'm looking for!
  • hi boo
    john lennon brand was from toys r us (i think!) have you tried there!
  • Hi Boo
    My sister got Cameron something similar, it's a frog with paddle hands and feet. I think she said she got it on
  • Really glad you have found something, hopefully Ethan won't be able to tell the difference!!
  • Hi Boo. saw your bunny in my local toys are us .pretty sure its him. TOYS R US,BASINGSTOKE,RG22 4AN
    Hope they will post him to you
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