hi all

Hi hun
Hope you have all been well,weather here has been nice and good to as we went to a friends wedding on saturday and it was lovely.
Kids are fine,how about you.


  • Hi hun
    Sorry its a late relpy but have been totaly busy with meetings and things.
    The social have finaly give us some money to get her a new buggy and some bedding and also give us money that we have spent out,they will be paying money from now on which is good as we dont get any of the benifits of milk tokens or things like that so its expensive.
    I also got a pre-revised date to have my op for endometrosis which is in oct,date and time t.b.a.,but glad to no its finally going to get sorted.
    We are all fine and the weather has been realy nice.Going to my mum on sunday as she lives and works at a holiday camp in clacton so it's nice to take the kids for a break.
    How have you all been and glad you found somewhere to take the kids.
    Emma xx
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