how will my 3yr old cope with a new baby in the home??

There's 2years 13days between my 2 which i was worried about as ethan was still very much 'my baby' however we made a point of explaining what was going to happen where he would go etc. he also helped daddy build the baby's crib and packed the hospital bags with me. I took him shopping for a toy for his baby sister and he was very excited about bringing it to the hospital. He was besotted with amber the moment he met her (we made sure it was just us and no other family) The next week was difficult but i found sticking to our routine (going out and about, mealtimes and not letting people visit in the evenings) helped and by day 7 ethan was back to normal.I think your age gap will be lovely she can understand more whats happening. Make sure you include her ie. asking her to help. Good luck i'm sure you will all be fine x


  • Hi Nicki
    Thats the same age gap between my eldest 2.My husband Brought my son up to the hospital to see his new baby brother and we made sure I was not holding him and that he was in his crib. Also in with the baby was a pressie that the baby had bought him.Tha went down very well. we let him hold him too. One thing I would change if I could rewind is that we started treating my 3 year old as a big boy too soon and I wish we had'nt.They are now 8 and 5 and play nicely together(the odd bicker now and then)And they were both fine when we had our little girl last year. Ask friends and family to fuss your little girl too when they visit and with all the baby gifts your son will be getting its an idea to have afew little gifts for your daughter too so that she wont feel left out. and tell her the baby is very lucky because he has her for a big sister not the other way may have to except she will feel a little strange. Hope its of some help and I wish you well with the rest of your pregnancy and your birth. x
  • My two have 2 and a half years between them. My boy was fantasic with the new baby as we had including him in lots of decisions and he helped out with changing and bathing. When my daughter was about 3 months old he seemed to change and start playing up. He got lots of special time with me and daddy but i do think the reality of "the baby is staying" kicked in. Although they do have there moments where they seem to fight over toys and mummy. They are the best of friends and my son will always look after his little sister.Good luck Hun x
  • Hi ya
    I think she migh just supprise you and do pretty well,girls tend to be more loving and easy going.
    I have riley who's 2yrs 9mths and he kinda got thrown into having a baby around the place as i took in my baby niece when she was only several weeks old and he has been a real diamond,he helps out alot,get's her nappies when she needs changing and get's her bottle out the fridge when she crys for a feed and even helps to feed her,she's now 17weeks today and his still doing realy well at having to give up his bedroom space as we put her cot in there as she was in with us in a moses basket.
    Kids will supprise you but good luck hun and make sure she knows whats going to happen.
    Emma xx
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