I agree Dawn don't know whether it's allowed or not but i think it's naughty too. Maybe we should use all use the links to the sites and advertise this one!!! I have to say i have looked at two other mum forums and although they were busier than this one they had just lost the personnal touch and therfore weren't half as nice as coming on here!!


  • I don't know about anyone else but i really like it when new messages are left and we get to chat to other mums but these links are offering us no information or friendly advice within the pp cafe.
  • I agree with everyone.
    I log onto a post that looks interesting and just find a link to another website.
    Id rather just have the info there and then. I like chatting to the mums on here.
  • I agree!
    At times it feels like we're being bombarded with links to other sites. Fair enough 1 or 2 posts and then let people make their own mind up. I've never felt the need to go looking anywhere else because pp's so fab!
    Dawn x
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