Hello, Newbie here :)

Hi, im claire, in 25 from cheltenham, my son Robert is 22 months, and has really hit the terrible 2s with a vengance, but is an angel when hes behaving haha

Cant wait to get to know everyone



  • Welcome to the site Claire I'm sure you'll love it! I'm Tasha 27 and have Ethan who's 2 1/2 and Amber who's nearly 6 months. Ethan is in the terrible twos as well and it's a bit of a nightmare so can sympathise with you!! Although, like Robert he can (sometimes) be an angel especially with his little sister Hope to chat more soon x
  • good to know it passes Nicki! They seem to be going on forever and getting worse!!
  • Awww bless nicki

    Roberts into biting himself atm, and its horrible to see
  • Hi Claire,
    welcome to the site. Its great here and you get loads of fab advice.
    i have Niamh who is 28 months and like yours going through the terrible twos. And I have Tara who is 4 and a half months.
    Hope to speak soon.
    Kas xx
  • Hi Claire
    Wellcome to the boards. Hope to catch up with you soon x
  • Hi ya
    Im emma 24 with riley 2yrs 9mths.
    Look forward to writing.
    Emma xx
  • Hi Claire
    I'm Dawn and i'm mum to Cameron who's 5
    months and currently teething!!!
    Hope to chat soon x
  • Hi to e veryone

    and dawn, how is he coping?

    i remember them days!

    i found calgel a lifesaver! still do!
  • Hi Claire
    Some days are worse than others!!
    I've been using the boots own teething granules which are fantastic(when i can get them in his mouth, he's quite crafty) and dentinox.
  • howdy dawn


    i tried the dentinox one but bert-man hated the taste !
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