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To have a third or not!?

Hi Rach,

What a dilema to be in. It needs alot of thought as you don't want to make the wrong choice. I'm like you i've got one of each and my husband is happy at that. However, I could have another, not for a year or two but i'm not sure if I'm ready to send him for the snip yet. That more or less makes it final as there is no way he'd have it reversed.

As you say you're starting to get a bit of freedom back. It's a tough descision so ask yourself this. How would you feel if you fell pregnant accidently. I hope this helps.

Take care, Zoe x


  • Hi Rach,Im Lucyanne
    I felt like that too when my (then) youngest started playschool. But we decided not to.However, that decision was taken out of our hands when I fell pregnant with my daughter quite by surprise. It really was the best thing though and I love having a big family(thats the catagory we are now in when we book holidays)What is really nice though is that both my sons are now at school and I get to devote that time to my daughter. I say go for it.
  • Hi Tanya
    Sorry to hear you miss carried.
    Hope you are ok.
    I also have a 16 month old, and 8yr and 5yr old.
    I had a real strong desire to have a 3rd when my 5yr old was about 2.(If I'm honest I wanted a girl)
    But the desire went and 2 years later I fell pregnant.
    Fate did play its part and we now have 2 lovely boys and a beautifull daughter.
    Both boys are in school so its just me and my little girl during the day so its like starting over again .
    Have to say that my family does feel complete now whereas it didnt before and I think thats the deciding factor for me. Take care, Lucyanne x
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