Angry with Boots.!!

Hi all,
just wanted to say how cross I am with boots the chemist. Was in there the other day and wanted to heat Taras bottle up in the baby room and they had taken out the bottle heaters. Has Boots near anyone else done this?
Didnt have a chance to complain as Tara was crying by this point.
Anyone else got any stories about shops who've been unhelpful in this way? (or who've been really helpful).
Love the way mothercare have got baby areas now!!
Hope you are all ok.
Kas xx


  • Hi Kas,

    I had a similar experience a few months ago at an airport. We wanted to heat Charlotte's bottle before our flight was ready to board. We have one of those fisher price flasks and struggled to find anyone willing to give us hot water. I was nearly in tears, Charlotte was screaming for her milk and I felt like I was being punished for wanting to travel with a youngster. The last cafe we went into the woman couldn't believe no-one would help. She told us to take a seat even though we weren't going to purchase any food, ( we didn't have time) and she filled the flask with hot water for us and let us sit there while we sorted her out.

    The whole experience has put us off going abroad next year, we're going to wait another year so she's that bit older. I hope your experience hasn't put you off Boot's!

    Take care, Zoe x
  • Thanks for the replies guys, I think I will email a complaint. I love Boots and have always found them brill, but something always happens when you need to feed, doesnt it?

    In response to Zoe, we had a similar problem but on the aeroplane. We had carefully planned our trip around Niamhs feeds and nap times (when she was a baby) and on the way there the flight attendents were really helpfull and heated her bottle up, no problems. On the way back however, they delayed us 3 hours, the we needed to feed her as soon as the flight began, but they wouldnt heat it for us, apparently a health and safety issue. When I commented that they did it for us just the week before on the way over, they said they had had a meeting that week, now they couldnt do it. We tried to give it cold, but she wouldnt take it, so needless to say we had a screaming baby for an hours flight. Passengers tutting (you get the gist). We've never flown since, we always take the ferry.

    Hope you are all well.
    Kas xx
  • OH MY GOD!!!
    Thats horrendous. How can people be so tactless? Admittedly, I dont breastfeed, but well done to people who can or do.
    But I dont think people who choose to formula feed should be frowned upon.
    Both my daughters were formula fed and are very healthy and both have a great routine and sleep beautifully through the night.
    I cant believe that was said. Did you complain?
    Kas xx
  • Too right it should be the mothers choice!!
    Theres too much pressure these days.
    Glad Ellas doing well.
    Shes around the same age as Tara. Is she your 1st baby?
    Kas xx
  • Right,
    just emailed Boots.
    Will let you know if I get a reply.
    Kas xx
  • My goodness
    He really said that to you?
    I can fully understand why you never said anything but I bet you would have liked to have socked him one in the eye!!
    When I was Expecting my eldest I was working for M&S. Although they as a company were great, my boss was a total B***H.
    She had been trying for a baby for years and then I announced I was Pregnant.(we were NOT trying)and she turned really nasty and reduced me to tears on more than one occasion. Lets hope your Boss leaves or gets the sack before you return.
  • Well when you have to go see him for your interview,just picture him naked in your head.
    Dont let him intimidate you.
  • MMMM!! Maybe not then.
    Dont want to throw up on his cheap suit.
    Maybe picture him cleaning out the staff toilets with his own toothbrush. hehehe!!!
  • Hehe you two have really made me giggle! But Lucyannes right don't let him intimidate you and make sure you know your rights. Take care x
  • Hi Girls,

    I'm not feeling too good today, started with a nasty cold, headache etc, I've been reading this and you've really made me laugh, so thanks.

    I've been lucky with my bosses. I've worked for them for 8 years, started full time then went part time after having Jack and they changed my hours to accommodate me after having Charlotte. I only work for a small business (i'm a Dental nurse) and the Dentists were really supportive. You would think a big company would have a better policy than they seem to.

    Just remember, it's their loss if they won't have you back.

    Hope you all had a good weekend.

    Zoe x
  • Hi Boo
    The thermos snack jars look really good, i might have to get one!! Cameron's such a Hungry Horace that he nearly always needs fed when we're out and i find it really difficult to find places to heat up food so we end up just staying at home a lot of the time.
    Dawn x
  • Hi ya Kas

    I no what you mean,with now having chantelle i have to get bottles warmed and nowhere here has that except the co-op store in town is the only place left to heat you bottle for you,it d.i.y. in debenhams tho.

    Emma xx
  • Hi Kas,

    Just wondered if you've heard back from Boots. Have they given you an explanation?

    Zoe x
  • Hi guys,
    I emailed, but got an email back the following morning saying they couldnt deliver it, (hmmmm, not sure I believe it), so I think I'll try again. If not, will write to them.
    Hope you are all ok.
    Kas xx
  • Good Luck!! Be assertive!!! xx
  • Hi Sarah,
    how did the meeting regarding part time hours go?
    When I returned after having Niamh, they knew I wanted to go back part time but kept trying to push me into doing more hours. I left after a month and did agency work for a childcare agency. It worked great. As it is, when I return from mat leave this time, Im going to be relief staff for a local nursery that I worked at through the agency. A starting a business up in Jan with a friend of mine, and as its a kids drama club, we can bring our children if needs be. Am really excited.
    Anyway, sorry for waffling on, Just wanted to see how you got on.
    Kas xx
  • Hi Sarah,
    my god, Your place sounds like its really becoming a nightmare. Well, you have done all you can and now you've written a letter, they cant say anything to you, its their turn to contact you.
    Well done you on sticking up for yourself.
    Please let me know how you get on. (How come every company has a manager who hasn't got a clue how to manage?)
    Hope you are well, and that you had a good weekend.
    Take care
    Kas xx
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