Weekend away nightmare

Hi all,
Well i went away with my daughter, my friend and her little boy who is nearly a year old and it was awfull.
Jessica went of to sleep with no problems, however she did wake in the night and get into bed with me, but we went straight back to sleep. My friends little boy on the other hand cries All the time! He has to have his mums attention all the time and she is at her wits end, the problem is she would not go any where because of him, so we came home early.
Has anyone one got any ideas! He won't go to sleep with out being rocked for half and hour, wakes up four times in the night screaming and then whinges all day! My friend won't leave him to cry, gives him snacks all the time. She would like and advice.

Thanks Simone


  • Hi Simone,

    I'm sorry to hear you didn't have as good a time as you'd hoped to have away from home. Was it his first time sleeping somewhere other than his own room? If it was we had that happen to us with Charlotte so we asked our parents if they would have her every now and then over night to get her used to it. The first few times she was a nightmare for them but on the third or fourth time she was fine. Then when we next went away for a weekend she was ok. Also, does he have a comforter of some sort? Charlotte became attached to a very scruffy soft dog so we started taking that out with us and now it goes everywhere. If she wants a cuddle she will cuddle that. That goes for when she's sleepy too.

    I'm sorry I've waffled on but if any of it helps then it was worth it!

    All the best, Zoe x
  • Hi,
    By the sound of it he is the same at home, did not know that before i went away. He does not like his own cot either. She is not a close friend, she is one of my best mates sisters and is going through a divorce and wanted to get away, so i said i would go with her.
    I don't know how she copes as he cries alot!
  • Hi Simone,

    It might be that he's picking up vibes from his mum. A friend of mine had a similar situation only it wasn't herself getting divorced but a close family member. Their son was picking up bad vibes and his behaviour dramatically changed. When they realised they banned that person from coming around to the house and stopped discussing it at home. They noticed a difference within a few days. I know that won't be easy for her but as she starts to feel more confident then maybe it will rub off on her son.

    Fingers crossed.

    Zoe x
  • Hi,
    Don't think it is the divorce, his dad was a waste of space and never bothered with him any way. I think it might be because she had five miscarages before having him, and she is so worried about loosing him, that she ran to him every time he cried and he knows now if he cries mummy comes. How does she stop it though, don't think she will do controlled crying as he makes himself sick and she hates him crying, thinks he should be happy all the time!
  • Hi Simone
    sorry you had such a bad time i know you were looking forward to it. I agree with what everyone else has said it's probably the divorce and he's feeling insecure and obviously unsettled. I think once things have settled down at home she needs to tackle his sleep directly or she will struggle perhaps controlled crying may work of just quickly settling him and trying to let him get to sleep on his own.
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