Feeling sad, my baby's growing up too fast!!

Have just packed away Ambers play mat and her musical swing as she isn't interested anymore and feel really sad because she is probably our last child and hubby's encouraging me to give them away. I Reckon he thinks i won't be tempted to have another if there's no baby stuff around! I'm just blue because it doesn't seem a second since she was newborn and now she's crawling and half way to her first birthday! Really have to treasure this time!!


  • Hi Tasha,

    I don't know if your the same as me but with Jack I was always keen for him to be entering the next stage and progressing but with Charlotte I've wanted each stage to last as long as possible. You are right though treasure each and every second. Zoe x
  • Yep i was exactly the same!! I was always desparate for Ethan to reach the next stage and before i knew it he was a toddler! I went through a phase where i was really upset he wasn't a baby anymore then found out i was pregnant!! That cured it!!
  • I feel the same,tasha.
    My best friend just had a little girl and I gave her some of Katelin's clothes and I felt sad . Silly really but I think lots of mums feel like that.
    It's different when you have your 1st as you put all the things they grow out of away knowing they will be coming out again in a year or 2.
    All I would say is dont be too hasty getting rid of everything, as we did, then 4 years later wished we had'nt.
    Only this time I'm toooooo old to have any more.
  • Hi,
    I felt the same with Jessica, even though we will have another baby at some point. Really sad, but nearly burst out crying when we brought her a new car seat!
    The problem is the older they get, the more indapendant they get and you don't feel as needed (but you are).
  • Hi all,
    Looks like all mums feel the same.
    Like you, I was thrilled when Niamh reached each milestone, but I remember bursting into tears one day when she was about 5 months old because I didnt want her to grow up.
    Sad isnt it?
    Im taking things much more slowly with Tara, and just enjoying watching her try new things.
    Im loving mummyhood!!
    Kas xx
  • Bless you. I think we all feel like that. The baby days certainly dont last long but still very exciting for our little ones to reach those miles stones. I had to pack all my sons things away then 2 years later i was un packing them all again for number two!
    Love Andrea
  • Had a funny five mins today, was sorting through all of Jessicas things and had to put away her dohnut and cot mobile. I just don't know where this year has gone, can't believe she will be a year in a month.
  • It's really frightening how quickly the time passes. Cameron was 6 months last weekend, but it feels like only yesterday that we brought him home.
    Everybody said the first year would pass quickly, you really have to cherish every moment with them!!
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