Can any on help! I have gone into lilypie and made an avatar with out a picture. How do i get it onto the forum! Have tried typing in a code in the upload avatar bit, but has not worked. Do i need to save it to my computer first if so how do i do it.
As you can tell not very good with computers, would appreciate any help!



  • Just seeing if i have managed it yet
  • Yeah! Have done it, not the best picture in the world, but it will do for know.

  • How do i save it into my profile have tried copying and pasteing and it does not work, any ideas

  • Simone, I am rubbish with computers. I have, like you been attempting to put the children on for all to see. You are doing better than me. I might have to ask hubby for help.

    Zoe x
  • Any ideas why mine mon't work!!?? Zoe
  • Is it that your picture size is too large? I had to go through all of mine until i found one small enough to use.
  • I told you all I was useless with computers!! When my husband gets home i'll get him to help me so watch this space and look out for my babes. Failing that i'll just do the ones without the photo's!

    Hope you are all having a good week.

    Zoe x
  • I think my picture might be to big still, thats why i can't save it. Appears alot bigger than yours Tasha. Will try again tommorrow!

  • I'm not pretending to know what i'm talking about but i think it may be to do with pixel size and not the actual size of the picture. On the lilypie site they do show tips on reducing the size. However, i just went through the pics i had downloaded from my phone and found the ones with the smallest number by the side!! (how technical)!!
    By the way Jessica looks lovely doesn't she have beautiful eyes?!! x
  • Never thought to download from mobile, will give it a try.
    Jessica has her dads eyes lucky thing!
    Read you had a cold, how are you feeling and are the children ok.

  • Hi Tasha
    How do you download them from your mobile?
    God i am such a technophobe!!!
  • HI, yeah how do you download from your mobile that maybe the thing to do. Please help us!!

    Zoe x
  • Hi All
    You can get a blue tooth usb adapter from argos for about £6 or £7, or maybe cheaper on the internet plug it in follow on screen instructions and it should allow you to see all the photo or video files from your phone and you can choose what to download, provided your phone has blue tooth. Let me know how you get on x (by the way i'm technophobe too who happens to have a handy hubby)!!
  • Hi simone
    We're ok thanks the kids colds seem a bit better, i still feel rough but Anadin Extra works a treat!!! Taking amber to hospital today because of her dietry propb;ems hoping to get some answers. Hope your well chat soon xx
  • Hi Tasha,
    How did you get on with Amber at the hospital!
    Hope you got some answers.

  • Thought here was a good place to check new pictures working. Meet my little man!!!
  • Hi Tasha,
    Ethans so cute. I love the piccie. Is he as cheeky as he looks?
  • Yeah you got Ethan up!
    What a cute little boy, you must be sooo proud of your two.

  • Ethan is gorgeous!!!
    Still haven't figured out how to get photos from phone to computer(even with blue tooth adaptor)
    Think i'll ask my niece this weekend, she's young and her brain hasn't yet been destroyed by motherhood!!
  • Hi Tasha,

    Ethan is so georgeous, what a cutie!! Not had chance to attempt it again yet so your still to meet my two.

    Chat soon, Zoe x
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