What age did you transfer them to a bed?

Hi all,

Just out of interest I wondered what age people were transfering their little ones into a bed. Jack was two and a half and we tied it in with a bedroom re decoration and the fact we would need the cotbed for Charlotte. But as Charlotte is getting older and there are no plans to reuse the cotbed I wasn't sure what age to transfer her.

We are re decorating her bedroom before Christmas but to be honest I don't think I will do it then as she so far has never tried to climb out.

All replies gratefully received.

Zoe x


  • Ethan went into a bed at 2 years 2months and he was more than ready. My sister put her son into a bed at about 12months as he wouldn't sleep in a cot. I have no set ideas when Amber will move onto a bed i guess we'll no when she's ready.
  • Hi Zoe,
    We took the sides off Niamhs cotbed at 16 months. I was pregnant and thought Id get her used to it. I bought her a new duvet cover which she loved.
    Then, when Tara was born, and we needed the cot back, we bought Niamh a new bed. She came with us to buy it, we also bought a single duvet set,pillow etc as the bed is bigger than the cotbed.
    My advice is just keep them involved as much as you can.
    Kas xx
  • Jak was 18 months with a bedguard up so he didn't fall out. He was fine, no wondering around at night or anything x
  • Hi Boo,

    It's a tough one. A part of me wants to do that but just with the cotbed as a bed not a full size single bed. But then, she's getting on ok in the cotbed, ok she wakes but that's to be tucked in or a feed, and I think why change things if she's happy and You know what they say about if it's it not broke...

    We're going to Blackpool for a couple of nights at half term and she'll be in a single then. We aren't doing her room until after then so i'll see how she gets on. That maybe the deciding factor.

    Zoe x
  • Riley was in a bed at 2yrs 4mths(moved house)and never had bed guards,never fallen out of bed either, his now almost 3yrs.

    Emma xx
  • Hi girls,

    Thanks for all your replys. Not rushing into a decision. Will know when it feels right, but nice to know She's not the only one still in a cotbed with the bars on at this age.

    Thanks again.

    Zoe x
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