Banana boat sun lotion

Just wanted to warn other mums about banana boat sun lotion! I forgot to mention, when i went away i had to take Jess to hospital as she came up in a big red, blotchy rash all over her face, i had previously applied my friends little boys sun lotion (BANANA BOAT) and it turns out she had an allergic reaction to it.
What i later found out is that this is quite common with this product



  • Hi Simone,

    That must of been a scary experience. I hope it didn't ruin your holiday. I have to admit I only use a couple of brands and I stick to the ones I know and have used in the past. Thanks for the warning I'll let my friends with children know.

    Zoe x
  • Blimey you really did have a rough weekend Never heard of that make but will avoid it when next choosing lotion. Is Jessica ok now? xx
  • Jessica is fine know thanks, it went down after a couple of hours!

  • Thanks for the warning. Will let my friends with kiddies know.
    Hope you enjoyed your hols regardless.
    Kas xx
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