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spotted you Tasha....

Hey Tasha,
saw you too. I tend to now find myself going through the mag each month to see if theres anyone I know.
Niamh was in the toddlers with lots of energy article this month. Hubby found it and got all excited he he.
Hope you are all well,haven't been on comp much in the last couple of days.
Kas xx


  • OMG your right but i don't think i said that!!!!
    I think it was when we were chatting with Zoe under Why me? but can't find it written anywhere!!!
  • Ahh Niamh looks gorgeous Kas! You must be very proud to see her piccy in there! just been looking through mag trying to recognise names!!
  • Hi Tasha and kas,
    Saw both your articles today! your little one must keep you on your toes kas, very cute picci!

  • Hi Emma,
    Is that your little Riley on page 112!

  • Hi Emma,
    was just about to say saw Riley too.
    What a cutie.
    Kas xx
  • Hi Simone, thanks for the message.
    Oh yes, she really does keep us on our toes. A real live wire.
    I love your photo of Jessica,
    think Im gonna have to try and put photos on my lilypie.
    Kas xx
  • Hiya Girls,

    I spotted you to. Tasha i don't think you said it like that word for word it's been edited but got really excited to see a name I knew!

    Entering the Diego comp for Jack as he loves the programme and it would make a good Christmas present!( He'll get something else as well).

    Zoe x
  • Hiya Zoe I text my sister to tell her my name was in the mag how sad is that!! It must be edited but the funny thing is i'm like you and don't do online shopping except for Ebay!!
    I've been good at entering the comps do you do it online it's really easy!!
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